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Entrepreneurs and small business owners often wear many hats and try to handle all aspects of their business themselves in order to save money. However, I have the opportunity to witness how this approach can actually lead to financial loss in the long run. When business owners try to do everything themselves, they often spread themselves too thin and are unable to focus on the tasks that truly require their expertise. How often do we hear the word burnout? In business circles, its more common than I would like to admit! This mindset can further lead to mistakes, missed opportunities, and lost revenue. Collaboration and delegation can help alleviate these issues. By working with others, entrepreneurs can leverage the skills and expertise of others to improve their own performance and achieve better results. Additionally, collaboration can lead to new ideas, increased efficiency, and greater innovation. In short, trying to do everything alone can lead to burnout, lack of focus, and ultimately loss of money, whereas collaboration can lead to better results, innovation and financial success.

You are likely asking yourself, one of the following questions:

1. Am I ready to delegate?

2. How do I start building a team?

3. Who do I trust my business with?


Each of these questions are vitally important and I hope I can encourage you with a bit of my story.

I was resisting support for TOO long. I am a wife and mother and am used to doing so much on my own, why would business building be any different? Yeah, not the way to go. I started getting caught in the weeds of things that were out of my radius of knowledge and losing precious time. I haven’t always made the smartest moves, however I am committed to learning from the mistakes and sharing the lessons in hopes that you can relate or avoid similar situations. 

How to start and who to start with are great questions as well. If you are reading this, I invite you to start with me. My specialty is supporting people through transistions and optimizing what they already have! Getting an outside, unbiased perspective on the health of your business is a smart first step in this growth journey that you are on. 

I don’t offer this lightly. I am not the solution for everyone. However, I will always do my best to see you to the next right step, that is my guarentee. Work with me and let’s see what we can achieve!